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Family Law

A vigilant protector of your family’s rights and interests in Orlando, FL

Michelle Kane applies her expertise in all aspects of matrimonial and family law.  Michelle spends time with each individual, couple, and family because each family’s case is different and brings unique challenges.

Michelle Kane determines the best course for settling each case through mediation or effective litigation for the best possible settlement.  Michelle is certified by Florida Supreme Court in Family Law Mediation.

Outstanding legal counsel

Michelle Kane provides outstanding legal services on the following matrimonial and family law matters that include:

Dissolution of marriage.  Divorce, or dissolution of marriage, occurs when a marriage is legally terminated.  You want to be informed of your legal options and to have experienced guidance to protect your rights and assets.

Spousal support and alimony.  After a divorce or a legal separation, a dependent spouse may want a long- or short-term payment from the independent spouse.  You want to get the support you deserve.

Child time-sharing/child support.  The legal guardianship of a child and the amount of support necessary are difficult matters to settle.  Custody issues often include court-ordered payments until the child reaches 18.   Physical and legal custody of a child is addressed by a court during divorce proceedings or by family court.

Modifications.  If your financial and personal circumstances have changed since the divorce/court decree, you can petition the court to alter your parenting plan or level of child support or alimony. Also, if the non-residential parent is not living up to their obligations, you have legal recourse to force them to adhere to the judge's orders.

Enforcement actions.  Time changes many factors in settled matters, like your spouse’s income and geographic location.  Michelle Kane can represent you with these proceedings and fight to get your child the necessary support.

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Paternity actions.  These actions are filed in order to assist a parent in acknowledging and protecting important visitation, custody, and support rights.   Make sure your interests are well represented.

Pre-nuptial agreements.  A written contract between two people who are about to be married is called a prenuptial agreement.  These agreements outline the terms of marital property and separate property distribution and protect your economic situation post-divorce.  Michelle Kane can draft a prenuptial agreement for you.

Post-nuptial agreements. Instead of prenuptial agreement, spouses can have a postnuptial agreement created after they are married.  This is important if your marriage ends in divorce, these agreements protect your economic and legal situation.

Collaborative divorce.  This is a technique where couples and their attorneys agree in advance not to litigate.   It is a form of alternative dispute resolution for divorcing couples who need strong legal representation but want to avoid litigation.  Michelle Kane can represent you in a collaborative divorce.

Stepparent adoptions.  This is the second most common type of adoption.  Here, the stepparent takes up legal responsibility for his/her spouse's child. The biological (non-custodial) parent's legal rights to the child are terminated, and with child consent to the adoption, the child’s surname may be changed.  Michelle Kane can guide you through this process in Florida.

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Same-sex partnering agreement.  Many same sex couples can maintain the rights as married couples through a partnership agreement.  This agreement explains the determinations and responsibilities of the same-sex couple, such as:

  • Putting both names on titles, mortgages, and other legal documents
  • Getting a domestic partnership agreement, wills, and powers of attorney.

Complex property divisions and business valuations.  Business valuation in the context of divorce proceedings is extremely complex.   If you and your spouse share ownership in a business, it is extremely important to seek early legal advice from Michelle Kane.

Non-marital/marital property issues or equitable distribution.  The allocation of marital property and separate property from a divorce or separation is equitable distribution.  The court considers personal and financial factors to distribute marital property between spouses.  Michelle Kane can represent you with these complex matters.

Post judgment family law matters.  Post-judgment actions take place after the divorce decree .  You will want an attorney to file a petition to amend the judgment of divorce that are typically on matters of child custody and support issues.

Appellate law family matters.  When you receive an unfavorable divorce judgment, an experienced appellate lawyer like Michelle Kane can help you seek review by a higher court.  This is also called an appeal.   Michelle Kane will work hard to achieve your legal goals.

Relocations within Florida and out-of-state.  It is extremely important for a parent seeking to relocate with children to understand and follow the detailed rules in their particular state.  A failure to follow state rules can often result in a change in custody. Michelle Kane can advise you on state rules for notification, consent, and burdens of proof.

Fathers rights.  As a father, you are legally entitled to exercise your parental rights and responsibilities concerning your children.  Michelle Kane will protect your rights as a father.

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Post-divorce do’s and don’ts.  Michelle Kane has sound advice and a practical list of do’s and don’ts that are easy to follow after your divorce.

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